What fees do you charge?

Approximately 2%, which is made up of a 0.2% service fee, and the remainder is shared with liquidity providers and affiliates.

A network transaction fee is deducted from refunds.

What if I do not send enough before the offer expires?

Your deposit will be refunded after 1 hour. A network transaction fee will be applied.

What if I accidently send too much?

The extra will be returned to the refund address you supplied.

What if I send funds after the offer expires?

Contact support using the link provided under 'How can I get additional support?' and a refund will be provided.

How can I get additional support?

You can send us a message by clicking the chat bubble in the lower right or by visiting https://tawk.to/chat/5fab047f8e1c140c2abcd68d/default.

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